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NEW Super Mario Bros.

Playable Character

Amp Banzai Bill Bob-Omb Boo Boomerang Bro. Broozer Buzzy Beetle Fire Bro. Goomba Hammer Bro. Koopa (blue) Koopa (green) Koopa (red) Moneybag Sledge Bro Snailicorn Snow Spike Spiny Splunkin Swooper Thwomp & Thwimp Unagi Whomp (Still)

Beach and Ocean Backgrounds Bonus Backgrounds Castle Backgrounds Dark World Backgrounds Desert Backgrounds Forest Backgrounds Grassland Backgrounds HUD & Maps Sky and Canyon Backgrounds Snow Backgrounds Tileset Underground Backgrounds

Mini Games
Coincentration Danger, Bob-Omb! Danger! Hide and Boo Seek Wanted! Whack-a-Monty Which Wiggler?

Credits Slideshow Kiosk Demo Minigame Mugshots Seaweed Title Screen

Tile Sets
Ghost Houses

Game Info
Sheets 48
Hits 46,664

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