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Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby & Abilities
Beam Kirby Bomb Kirby Cook, Copy, Crash, Mike and Sleep Kirby Cutter Kirby Fighter Kirby Fire Kirby Hammer Kirby Ice Kirby Jet Kirby Kirby Mirror Kirby Ninja Kirby Paint Kirby Parasol Kirby Plasma Kirby Starship Stone Kirby Suplex Kirby Sword Kirby Wheel Kirby Wheelie Rider Wing Kirby Yo-Yo Kirby

Other Playable Characters
Bio Spark Birdon Blade Knight Bonkers Bugzzy Burning Leo Capsule J2 Chilly Gim Knuckle Joe Meta Knight (Playable) Parasol Waddle Dee Plasma Wisp Poppy Bro. Jr. Rocky Simirror Sir Kibble Sword Knight TAC Waddle Doo Wheelie Bike

Ability Enemies Meta Knight's Soldiers Normal Enemies Revenge Enemies

Bandana Waddle Dee Chameleo Arm Computer Virus Dyna Blade Fatty Whale Galacta Knight Galactic Nova Nucleus Halberd Reactor Heavy Lobster Kabula King Dedede Kracko Kracko's Revenge Lololo and Lalala Lololo and Lalala's Revenge Main Cannon #2 Marx Marx Soul Masked Dedede Meta Knight (Boss) Mid-Bosses Part 1 Mid-Bosses Part 2 True Mid-Bosses Wham Bam Jewel Wham Bam Rock Whispy Woods and Related Bosses

Arena Backgrounds DeDeDe's Castle Foregrounds Dedede Stadium Dyna Blade Backgrounds Dyna Blade Stage 1 Dyna Blade Stage 2 Dyna Blade Stage 3 Dyna Blade Stage 4 (Part 1) Dyna Blade Stage 4 (Part 2) Dyna Blade Stage 5 (Final Stage) Dyna Blade Trial Rooms Gourmet Race Background 1 (Pumpkin Grand) Gourmet Race Background 2 (Corn Hall) Gourmet Race Background 3 (Onion Garden) Milky Way Wishes Floria Modified Dedede Stadium Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 1 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 2 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 3 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 4 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 5 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 6 Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 7 (Part 1) Revenge of Meta-Knight Stage 7 (Part 2) Revenge of Meta Knight Backgrounds Revenge of Metaknight (Halberd) Animated Tileset Revenge of Metaknight (Halberd) Tileset Spring Breeze Backgrounds Spring Breeze Foregrounds 1 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 2 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 3 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 4 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 5 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 6 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 7 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 8 Spring Breeze Foregrounds 9

Kirby Card Swipe Kirby on the Draw Snack Tracks

General Rips Gourmet Race Misc. Large Menu Sprites Pause Screen Art Stage Icons

Game Info
Sheets 119
Hits 112,725

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