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Secret of Mana

Playable Character(s)
Popoie with Claw

Antagonists Characters Common NPCs Flammie Mana Spirits Moogles

Armored Man, Dark Knight, & Terminator Blat & Grave Bat Buzz Bee & Bomb Bee Chess Knight Chobin Hood & Robin Foot Crawler & Metal Crawler Eggatrice Evil Sword & Doom Sword Howler Iffish & Dino Fish Kimono Bird & Kimono Wizard La Funk & Dark Funk Lullabud & Trap Flower Mad Mallard & Captain Duck Marmablue Mimic Box Pumpkin Bomb & Nitro Pumpkin Rabite & Silktail Red Drop, Blue Drop, Green Drop & Shape Shifter Sand Stinger & Steelpion Specter & Ghost Steamed Crab & Metal Crab Zombie & Ghoul

Aegargropilon Biting Lizard and Tonpole Dark Lich Doom's Wall & Doom's Eyes Fire, Frost and Thunder Gigas Great Viper & Dragonworm Hexas Jabberwocky & Hydra Kilroy & Kettle Kin Mana Beast Mantis Ant Mech Rider Minotaur Snap Dragon Snow, Red & Blue Dragon Tropicallo & Boreal Face Vampire & Buffy Wall Face & Chamber's Eyes

Dwarf Village Elinee's Castle Exterior Epilogue Area Fire Palace Exterior Goblin Village Gold City Exterior Great Forest (Autumn) Great Forest (Spring) Great Forest (Summer) Great Forest (Winter) Ice Palace Exterior Imperial Castle Exterior Imperial Castle Roof Kakkara Kippo Exterior Light Palace Exterior Lighthouse Entrance Lighthouse Top Lofty Mountains 1 Lofty Mountains 2 Mana Fortress Mandala Exterior Mandala Ruins Exterior Moogle Village Moon Palace Exterior Neko's Exterior Northtown Exterior Northtown Ruins Exterior Overworld Tiles Pandora Castle Exterior Pandora Exterior Pandora Ruins Exterior Path to Gaia's Navel Path to Pandora Potos Exterior Scorpion Army Ship Exterior Southtown Exterior Sprite Village Tasnica Battlements Tasnica Entrance Todo Village Exterior Travel Cannons Tropics Exterior Turtle Shell Island Exterior Wind Palace Exterior

Battle Effects
Analyzer Exploder Fireball Freeze Gem Missile Lava Wave Thunderbolt Wall

Animated Tiles #1 Death Effects Ending High Grass Introduction Screen Miscellaneous Panoramas Punch Glove Ring Menu & Message Boxes

Game Info
Sheets 110
Hits 38,672

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