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Final Fantasy 6

Playable Character(s)
Celes Chere Cyan Garamonde Edgar Roni Figaro Gau Gogo Locke Cole Mog Relm Arrowny Sabin Rene Figaro Setzer Gabbiani Shadow Strago Magus Terra Branford Terra Esper Umaro

Non-Playable Characters
Banon Espers General Leo Christophe Ghost Imperial Soldier Kappa Kefka Merchant & Sentry NPCs (Creatures) NPCs (Female) NPCs (Male)

Enemies and Bosses
Bosses (World of Balance) Bosses (World of Ruin) Enemies (World of Balance) Enemies (World of Ruin)

Special Effects
Cutscene Effects Dance Effects Enemy Skills Effects Esper Effects Item Effects Lores Magitek Effects Skeans Slots Effects Spell Effects 1 Spell Effects 2 Status Effects Weapons Weapons Effects

World of Balance Backgrounds
Albrook (Dark) Baren Falls Crazy Old Man's House Dragon's Neck Cabin Floating Continent Imperial Camp Imperial Palace (Exterior) Imperial Palace (Interior) Jidoor Kohlingen Maranda Mobliz Mt. Kolts (Exterior) Mt. Kolts (Interior) Narshe (Town) Phantom Forest Phantom Train (Exterior) Phantom Train Station Sealed Gate The Blackjack The Veldt Riverside Tzen Vector (Ruins) Zozo

World of Ruin Backgrounds
Ancient Castle Cultists' Tower Darill's Tomb Dragon's Neck Colloseum Duncan's Hideout Kefka's Tower (1st Party Path) Kefka's Tower (2nd Party Path) Kefka's Tower (3rd Party Path) Kefka's Tower (Exterior) Kefka's Tower (Final Area) Mobliz Owzer's House The Falcon Triangle Island

Battle Backgrounds Clouds Ending Cutscene Icons, Font, & Menu Land Ocean Ocean 2 Opening Cutscene Shadow's Dreams Title Screen Vector Cutscene Vehicles World of Balance Overworld World of Ruin Overworld

Airship Tiles Castle Tiles Cavern Tiles Daryl's Tomb Tiles Dreamscape Tiles Fanatic's Tower Tiles Floating Continent Tiles Hill Tiles Imperial Camp Tiles Imperial Castle Tiles Kefka's Tower Tiles Narshe Tiles Opera Tiles Overworld Tiles Phantom Train & Forest Tiles Thamasa Burning House Tiles Tilesets Town & City Tiles Vector Tiles Zozo Tiles

Game Info
Sheets 116
Hits 89,160

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