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Posted by Petie - September 28, 2014 - 4:12 PM
There's been a ton of progress made on 3DS rips since the last update and I'm happy to share the results right now! There are a bunch of sheets from Epic Mickey, some from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and even some Smash Bros thrown in for good measure! A big thanks to all who have contributed to the rather complex method of obtaining and unlocking these files!

And of course there's a bunch of other awesome stuff to check out here as well so do yourself a favor and take your time getting down to that Other Systems section.

Also, just to let you all know, we haven't forgotten about the forum. The upgrades are done and everything seems pretty stable but we know we have some work left to do on the skins. Dazz has been away for the last week but we'll be getting to work on them soon so hang tight and in the mean time, enjoy the new sheets!
Sheets in this update: 181
3DS Sheets: 81
Arcade Sheets: 8
Custom / Edited Sheets: 1
DS Sheets: 15
Game Gear Sheets: 2
Mobile Phone Sheets: 5
NES Sheets: 13
Nintendo 64 Sheets: 4
Other Systems Sheets: 1
PC / Computer Sheets: 15
SNES Sheets: 36

Posted by Dazz - September 20, 2014 - 8:59 PM
Hey guys!

Wow, what a ride. We've got some awesome sheets for you this week - we've got some rips from the recently released (in Japan) Smash Bros. for 3DS. Including some cut stuff (like some arrow graphics for characters and stages!?) and a bunch of high resolution character renders!
We also have a bunch of other really awesome sheets going on. You should check everything out this week, it's all pretty incredible!!

In other news, we've been performing an upgrade of our forum software. It's all looking pretty awesome, so why not go and check it out!? :D
Sheets in this update: 158
3DS Sheets: 45
Arcade Sheets: 10
Custom / Edited Sheets: 3
DS Sheets: 19
Game Boy Sheets: 3
Game Boy Advance Sheets: 9
Mobile Phone Sheets: 4
NES Sheets: 8
Nintendo 64 Sheets: 11
Other Systems Sheets: 2
PC / Computer Sheets: 28
PlayStation Sheets: 1
PSP Sheets: 11
SNES Sheets: 4

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