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Posted by Dazz - August 18, 2014 - 4:24 PM
If you've been submitting to the site, you may have noticed that Puggsoy, our newest member of site staff, may have dealt with your submission request. Puggsoy has been a long time submitter to the site, and was recently given the opportunity to help us out with submissions.

He's been a great help, and I'm sure you'll all agree he's doing a great job so far!

You might have also seen some of the recent changes made to the Wiki. There's still a lot of basic information we need to lay out on there, but it's really starting to take on a great shape. I believe it will be a great tool for all aspiring users of the site, from the very new to the very experienced! Woo!
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Posted by Dazz - August 8, 2014 - 6:57 PM
Today I'd like to show our Wiki off to the public! We've been working over the last week to add content to our brand new Wiki site that we're designing to help users learn how to do... Well... Whatever they want to do with the site!

Our plan is to make the wiki very accessible. We want users to be able to go from beginner to pro with it. Learn the very basics of sprites, models, textures or sound effects. How to edit them, how to rip them, and how to create your own.

It's pretty empty at the moment, save for a few beginning entries. We're limiting access to editing the wiki to members who have been on our forums for over a month and have over 20 posts. This is to make sure the the information is of a high enough standard.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

~Note: If you're already a member of the site, please clear your cookies for all Resource sites. We recently changed the way our cookies system works, and now logging in will log you into all Resource sites at once. Clear your cookies, and log in again please!

We also have some great sprites in this update! A real variety - new users, old users, custom, ripped... It's great!
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