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Posted by Petie - April 23, 2016 - 12:41 PM
I know it's been a rough week but I'm happy to say that things have finally settled down, the server seems stable, and I think we're back for real! To make a very long story short, our new server unfortunately came with some faulty hardware that caused the entire server to crash once these sites came online (due to the increased traffic). The hardware was replaced, the server was rebuilt, and I've been monitoring things over the last day. So far, things are looking good. Thank you all for your patience and concern and I'm sorry for the delays - it really was just a chain of unfortunate coincidences.

This week's update is a bit on the small side but even 81 sheets is still relatively impressive since the site has more or less been offline since the last one was posted! The highlight of the week is definitely Asagao Academy, where some of our friends star in their own dating sim (I realize how odd that sounds but that's exactly what it is - I just wish they were submitted as actual sheets instead of zips, a trend I'm noticing a lot more frequently lately; can someone shed some light on why this is happening more and more?) but we can't overlook some Star Fox Zero sheets already hitting the site as well! Overall, for a small update, it really has some good content so check it out and enjoy!

And as one last note regarding the server, migrations of this scale are sure to introduce a bug or two along the way. We've been testing and fixing what we can find but it's easy to miss things when there's only a couple of people looking. Should you notice any bugs we've missed, please let us know. There's a dedicated thread on the forum for bug reports but you can also email us directly from the contact page. Thanks!
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