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Mother 3

Party Members
Boney Duster Duster (Masked) Duster (Pigmask) Flint Kumatora Kumatora (Pigmask) Kumatora (Young) Lucas Lucas (Young) Salsa

Abbey Abbot Aeolia Alec Alle Angie Arrow Lizard Bateau Betsy Biff Bob Brenda Bronson Bucket Twins Bud & Lou Butch Caribou Caroline Claus (Older) Claus (Young) DCMC Dona Doria Dr. Andonuts Drago Pup Dry Guy Ed Elmore Fuel Fuel (Older) Hinawa Ionia Ionia (Tied) Isaac Jackie Jill Jonel Leder Lighter Linda Lisa Lydia Mapson Masked Man Matt Mike Misc. People Mixolydia Mole Mr. Saturn Nan Nana Nichol Nippolyte O2 Machine Ocho Ollie Parrot Paul Phrygia Pig Porky Porky's Girls Pump Chimera Pusher Reggie Richie Samba Saving Frog Scamp Sebastian Skinhead & Neckbeard Stray Dogs Tessie The Slot Mahcine Brothers Thomas Ultimate Chimera Violet Wess Yokuba/Fassad

Agitated Boar Almost Mecha-Lion Ancient Dragonfly Arachnid! Arachnid!!!! Artsy Ghost Atomic Power Robot Baked Yammonster Balding Eagle Barrel Man Barrier Trio Batanguan Battery Man Beanling Beaten Drum Big Bro Big Spud Bug Black Beanling Blue Balding Eagle Boa Transistor Bright Smile Bro Team Cactus Wolf Carefree Jellyfish Carpet Monster Cattlesnake Cheery Skeleton Chilly Dog Clay Man Cleocatra Crag Lizard Cuddle Bomb Detached Leech Dogfish Dung Beetle Eerie Smile and Tiny Forest Einswine Elder Batty Fenomeno Fierce Pork Trooper Filthy Attack Roach Firefly Fish Roe Man Flying Mouse Forlorn Junk Heap Frightbot Frosted Bun Gently Weeping Guitar Ghost Armor and Ghost Knight Gooey Goo Grated Yammonster Great Antlion Greedier Mouse Greedy Mouse HUGE Pillbug Heftyhead Hippo Launcher Horsantula Jealous Bass K9000 Li'l Big Bro Li'l Miss Marshmallow Lingering Spirit Lord Passion Love Walker Magman Master Eddy Mecha-Lion Mecha-Moler! Mecha-Turtle Mecha Drago Men's Room Sign Metal Attack Roach Mighty Bitey Snake Minerali Minor Robo Mischievous Mole Mobile Grave Mole Cricket Monkalrus Mr. Batty Mr. Genetor Mr. Passion Mrs. Lava Muttshroom Mystery Metal Monkey NK Cyborg Naughty Mushroom Negative Man Nice Poser Nuclear Reactor Robot Oh-So-Snake Osohe Cape Ostrelephant Parental Kangashark Pig Mask Army Pigtunia Praying Mantis Pseudoor Putrid Moldyman Pyrefly Ramblin' Mushroom Really Flying Mouse Recon Mech Reconstructed Caribou Reconstructed Lion Reconstructed Mole Return of Octobot Rhinocerocket Rhinocerocket Mark II Road Block Rock Lobster Rockin' Ghost Rooound Fish Sand Lizard Sarasara Sahara Scamperin' Mushroom Scrapped Robot Screwloose Security Robot Short Circuit Zap! Sky Titany Slimy Slug Slitherhen Soot Dumpling Spineless Lobster Spud Bug Squawking Boom Stick Squawking Stick Steel Mechorilla Sticky Slug Stinky Ghost Strawberry Slime Surprise Box Ten-Yeti Tender Loving Tree The Squeekz Titanian Titany Top Dogfish Tree Unwelcome Gust Upgraded Robo Violent Roach Walking Bushy Whatever Wobbly Robo Wound-Up Road Hog Yammonster Zombidillo Zombie Dog Zombie Lady Zombie Man Zombie Shroom

Alec's House Outside Attic Battle Backgrounds (Set 1) Candrum Underpass Chimera Lab (Inside) Chimera Lab (Outside) Chupichupyoi Temple Chupichupyoi Temple Interior Club Titiboo Club Titiboo (Inside) Debug Room Desert Dinosaur Area Elevator Elevator to Cavern Empire Porky Building (Games 1-3) Empire Porky Building: Fan Room Empire Porky Building: Hippo Pool Empire Porky Building: Locria's House Empire Porky Building: Restrooms Empire Porky Building: Time Room Empire Porky Building: Top Floor Empire Porky Building Construction Area Empire Porky Building Lab Empire Porky Tower 1F & 2F Empire Porky Tower Lights Off Factory (Work) Factory (Work) Outside Final Cavern Part 1 Final Cavern Part 2 Flint's House (Daytime) Flint's House (Inside) Flint's House (Nighttime) Graveyard Highway 1 Highway 2 Highway 3 Highway 4 House Limo Lucas' Yard Modern Tazmilly Modern Tazmilly (Inside) Mole Cricket Battle Backgrounds Mole Cricket Hole Murki Cave New Pork City New Pork City Interior Oshoe Castle Oshoe Castle (Inside) Phrygias' House Prayer Room Railway Railway Tunnel Retirement Home Saturn Valley Saturn Valley Interior Sewers Sheriff's Office Sheriff's Office Area Snowy Area South of Wes' House Sunflower Field Sunset Cemetery Sunset Cemetery Hill Tanetane Island (Mushrooms) Tatsumairi Village (Night) Tazmilly Tazmilly Beach Area Thunder Tower (Part 1) Thunder Tower (Part 2) Thunder Tower (Part 3) Thunder Tower (Part 4) Underground Passage Underground Passage (Club Titiboo) Underground Passage (Oshoe Castle) Underwater Unknown Valley Wes' House (Inside) Wes' House Area White Box Cutscene

Special FX
PK Fire (Alpha) PK Flash PK Ground PK LOVE (alpha) PK LOVE (beta) PK Thunder PSI Fire beta PSI Freeze (Beta) PSI Freeze (alpha) PSI Paralyze (alpha)

Other Rips
Battle Sprites Fireworks Items Maps Mr. Saturn's Tea Table Name Entry Font Oshoe Castle Map Present Boxes Prologue Characters Pt. 1 Prologue Characters Pt. 2 Unused Boss Unused Boss 2

Game Info
Sheets 348
Hits 70,032

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